Fashion and Beauty in the 50’s

In the 50s beauty and fashion took center stage. Beauty was the easiest trend to follow in the 50’s as anyone could do it. Be it a statement red lip or a strong black line across the upper lid, this was an era where women celebrated and embraced being glamourous.

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Miss Moss Presents Diego Bowie

My name is Diego Bowie and I’m a fashion lover, music obsessed creature and performance artist from Panama!

I’m an empirical learner of art and style, experimenting all the time with new pieces, pushing the boundaries of what is “possible” with culture in this city but always keeping one word in mind: freedom. I have worked with a local art platform called Artblock, which has given me the chance to expose my art and also learn more about what a production really is about.

Alter Magnifique – Performance about the influence of media in the human brain, at Artblock.

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Miss Moss welcomes Cheryl Tutty

Hi, my name is Cheryl Tutty and I am from London.

In the last five years I have graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion, dressed windows for Topshop, worked backstage at London Fashion Week, styled for L’Oreal hair shows and produced my own charity fashion show in collaboration with some of the UK’s top high street stores.

My Style Icons
Sienna Miller (British actress) She is effortlessly chic, the queen of bedhead and makes anything look good. I like how she dresses in a relaxed way but will add something quirky!
Florence Welch (British singer) Lover of vintage and current muse to Karl Largerfield. She has the most amazing red/copper hair and always styles it to suit the era of her outfits.
Chloë Sevigny (American actress/singer/designer) A woman of many talents! She is sexy and not afraid to break the fashion rules. What I love about is her natural fashion flare.

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