Miss Moss welcomes Cheryl Tutty

Hi, my name is Cheryl Tutty and I am from London.

In the last five years I have graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion, dressed windows for Topshop, worked backstage at London Fashion Week, styled for L’Oreal hair shows and produced my own charity fashion show in collaboration with some of the UK’s top high street stores.

My Style Icons
Sienna Miller (British actress) She is effortlessly chic, the queen of bedhead and makes anything look good. I like how she dresses in a relaxed way but will add something quirky!
Florence Welch (British singer) Lover of vintage and current muse to Karl Largerfield. She has the most amazing red/copper hair and always styles it to suit the era of her outfits.
Chloë Sevigny (American actress/singer/designer) A woman of many talents! She is sexy and not afraid to break the fashion rules. What I love about is her natural fashion flare.

My Favourite Designers
Vivienne Westwood, Ellie Saab, Ashish and Mark Fast.
I’m a big British fashion fan. Not just because I’m a Brit myself, but because London is a massive platform for designers starting out and it’s where most designers take risks. Ashish is my absolute favorite at the moment, what he does with sequins is just stunning and his latest collection using sunflowers as a main inspiration was brilliant. http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/designer_profile.aspx?DesignerID=30

My Personal Style
A mix-match. Just as my genes are a mixture of culture (I am half British, a 1/4 Indian & 1/4 French), so is my style! I like to mix old with new, vintage with current and gold with silver. It’s nearly impossible to find someone in the same outfit as me because I individually style everything. From my hair down to my shoes. I’m a big lover of color and print and clashing. I’m also partial to statement jewelery and am currently sporting a large gold Swatch, which I wear with everything!

I read a lot of fashion editorials for inspiration, such as the ‘edgy’ magazines like Wonderland, ID & Super Super. As well as taking advantage of living in London and going to cool hang outs and seeing what street style I can absorb. A wise stylist once told me ‘It’s better to be looked up and down, then not looked at, at all’!What I am hoping to bring with me to Panama
One of my strongest attributes is styling. Whether it be a person, mannequin or an empty room. I enjoy ‘dressing a space’, the idea of a blank canvas excites me! I pride myself for my key eye for detail and my drive to succeed. I’m lucky that I’ve had as much exposure to fashion as I have and I’m going to use it to bring over some London sparkle.

Why did I chose to work for Miss Moss?
I chose to work for Miss Moss because I am a big fan of fashion events and was inspired by Leanne’s previous achievements with Glamavida. The whole concept from the girls only, to the 50’s retro spin she is including in this next ‘Retro Glam’ event takes fashion and shopping events to another level, so it was just the challenge I was looking for to integrate all my skills and experience. I’m particularly looking forward to experiencing a new fashion culture and seeing how we can blend ‘London’ and ‘Latin’ style in the first Miss Moss event!

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