Fashion and Beauty in the 50’s

In the 50s beauty and fashion took center stage. Beauty was the easiest trend to follow in the 50’s as anyone could do it. Be it a statement red lip or a strong black line across the upper lid, this was an era where women celebrated and embraced being glamourous.

The images speak for themselves. These women were beautiful and sexy but in a chic and sophisticated way. They were women – not girls. The iconic hourglass shape was most desired and designers were making clothes tailored to their natural female curves.


Marilyn Monroe was (and still is) a massive ambassador for the hourglass shape. During her career she worked with William Travilla on 8 films and he made all her costumes. He was quoted saying that working with Marilyn was a dream, as she had a beautiful natural form that fitted perfectly in all the sexy dresses he designed for her. He explained further that during the 50’s there were very strict censorships and cleavage was a big no no. His designs are amazing and really reflect the ‘wow’ factor that Marilyn resonates.


As mentioned in a previous post the 50’s is BIG in fashion and the same can be said for hair and beauty. It’s an easy trend to follow, whether you go for full on glam or a more subtle approach, it works for everyone.


A few tips to think about when trying your hand at 50’s glam…….

  • Don’t be afraid of red lipstick. There are so many variations out there! Always prime your lips and use a lip liner, it will stop the red from bleeding. If you don’t have a primer, grab your concealer and dab it very lightly around the edges of your lips, then apply the liner to define your pout and fill in with the lipstick.
    Another option is to use a red lip stain, this will give you a red matte finish if you feel that red is too drastic for you.

  • The tricky ‘cats eye‘. When your applying your eye liner, wether its pencil or liquid, the best way is to rest your elbow on a flat surface and take your time. This will help avoid the dreaded shaky hand syndrome and make your life a bit easier!
  • Glam Hair. There is a 50’s glam hairstyle for everyone, even if you have short/long/thick/thin hair. If you like to have your hair up, try rolling your hair up round your fingers and pinning it to the base of your head. It doesn’t matter if its un-even or messy this will work to your advantage. Stick an accessory in and you’re done!
    Or if you prefer your hair down, try using a large hair tong and curl the hair in small sections. Once you hair is fully curled give it a few minutes to set (cool down) and use a soft bristle brush and gently brush out the curls, giving you a more relaxed 50’s wave.

At the premier Miss Moss event ‘Retro Hollywood Glam Night’, we will have our very own beauty parlour, where you can speak to the experts in haircare and make-up and even treat yourself to a little 50’s make-over. Keep your eyes pealed for more details and don’t forget to ‘like’ our Miss Moss facebook and follow us on twitter @miss_moss_style !

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