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The 1950’s was one of the most influential eras of our time. From the glitz and glamour of the silver screen, to the retro teenage rebels, the 50’s made big fashion statements that would be referred to for years to come.

There were the silver screen idols, the glamorous trendsetters of the era. They wore Dior’s ‘New Look’, which saw the start of women embracing their curves with high waisted jackets and pencil skirts. It was all about celebrating the hourglass figure and looking sexy, in an appropriate and tasteful way. This new approach to fashion was based on the spirit of the feminine look.
The 50’s trend is not only storming the fashion world but it has sparked an interest all over the media. With the phenomenon of the American T.V. show Mad Men, and Christina Hendricks hourglass curves, and the return of old school Hollywood Glamour on the red carpet, the 50’s is truly back in the limelight. Curves are making a comeback!
In London we are vintage-mad! Lily Allen herself has got her own Vintage Boutique; ‘Lucy In Disguise’, which became so popular she even brought out a ‘vintage inspired’ fashion line. What works about vintage is that you can still keep it current. Some people are frightened by vintage and I don’t blame them as so many people get it wrong and look like their wearing fancy dress! The key is to take a statement vintage piece, be it clothes or accessories, and team it up with something new.

50’s Fashion of today
A good vintage ambassador to seek inspiration from is Beyonce. She knows how to do it and does it well!

Take her video ‘why don’t you love me’. She modernizes the 50’s housewife into a sexy fashionable woman.

Her latest video ‘Countdown’ again see’s her recycling fashion, with a 60’s vibe and Twiggy-esq make-up

High Society Glamour, Pleated skirts, Floral prints, Colour clashes and even a bit of Greased Lightening……Spring 2012 welcomes the return of 50’s fashion.

Fashion always repeats itself. So what better era to repeat!?!
Watch out for this at the first Miss Moss produced event
‘Retro Hollywood Glam’ on December 14th, Casa de la Municipalidad, Casco Viejo, Panama.

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